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Could this digital currency actually make you a millionaire?

Every once in a while, an opportunity comes around. What divides winners from losers is those who seize it and those who don't. By now, you must have heard about all the people who made a killing with bitcoin over the last year. Some of them made more than ten million with just an initial purchase of a thousand bucks. What I want to ask you though is: Did you know that there are hundreds of other digital currencies that have had even bigger gains over the last twelve months? This includes Ripple, Ethereum and Raiblocks � you may have heard about some of them. What is the next big one for 2018? The answer in my opinion is simple. It's Swisscoin [SIC]. The reason for that is very straight forward. It's because it is supported by the Switzerland government. It is already considered as legal in the country and it is entirely shielded from any political instability. It's the type of coin that you can buy a thousand bucks of, and sit on for a few months or even years and that few thousand will likely be worth a few million. SIC has already doubled in value since Saturday and it will double or triple again by this Friday. So, what are you waiting for? For the time being it can only be purchased on /coinexchange [dot] io/ (that's the website address of the exchange). You can set up an account in about thirty seconds, then you send bitcoins to it and you can easily buy swiss coin. If you don't have any bitcoin already you can just google how to get some, it's super simple and will just take you 10 minutes at most, then transfer them to coinexchange's website and get the SIC



Hye assalamualaikum.

Rindu dengan blog ni sebab lama dah tak berupdate. Banyak sangat kekangan yang datang sambil ditambah dengan pemalas nak update blog.

Tapi macam ada sikit azam untuk tahun 2018 ni nak jadikan rutin update blog.

Sebab utamanya anak yang sulung tu dah nak masuk pra-sekolah, jadinya nak tulis dalam blog jadikan kenangan. Nanti bila dia besar boleh tengok dan baca balik journey persekolahan dia.

Terkilan sikit sebab tak pernah nak update pasal kelahiran anak-anak masa kecil. Harap anak tak marah ibu dia ni sebab tak pandai nak cerita kisah dia dalam blog.

Hope azam ni terlaksana. Jangan azam tinggal azam je.




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